My Medical Journal
This is a spiral notebook where you will put your information including medications, physicians names and address, surgeries and procedures you've had, and information about your insurance. Once this is filled up you will be able to take this to the visit for the upcoming appointment. Then the doctor or the nurse will be able to look at these and easily make copies for their own information and for your chart in their charting system. The importance of this is that this is portable and can go from doctor to doctor and information is available. 
The whole project of healthcare reform was depending a lot on portability of medical information so that all doctors offices are going to talk to each other. So if you go to one doctor he will be able to download your information from another hospital he has no connection with. Unfortunately after billions of dollars this still does not work, healthcare is so fragmented it will be best to take care of your own healthcare yourself. It is important after spending all that time filling it up to not forget to take this to your physician and his nurse and tell them that you have this information. See if they want to upgrade the information in their own charts. 
If you are interested in purchasing one of these journals contact us by email at Please include your phone number in the email and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 
Each journal is $13.00 including shipping and handling.